Identity Theft

Stopping & Preventing Identity Theft

When a person presents themselves as someone else via stolen identifying information.

Identity theft is what happens when someone uses a person’s personal information, such as name, address, credit cards or even social security number without consent. They use this information in order to obtain credit cards, make purchases on another person’s credit cards, apply for loans and possibly take money from a checking or savings account.

Identity Theft Protection Services

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Oftentimes, consumers are unaware that their identity has been stolen until it is too late. They receive a bill for something that they did not purchase, or notice charges on their credit card or bank statements that shouldn’t be there. The charges may be small at first, as the thief tests the waters, and if it is noticed at that point, stopping the theft may be as simple as going to your bank and getting new account numbers, along with cancelling credit cards and getting them reissued. It is very easy for someone to steal another’s identity with the use of the Internet and various programs that hackers use in order to nab certain information as soon as someone makes a purchase or applies for something online.

There are several types of identity theft and they include criminal, financial, cloning, medical and even child identity theft. Each type of identity theft is used for a different purpose, but all enable the thief obtain what they are after. For example, identity cloning is when someone is trying to hide, possibly from the law, and they use information in order to become someone else

It is possible for someone to acquire information on an individual and steal their identity in many different ways. They may use the Internet and hack into their personal bank accounts, go through the trash for receipts or statements, use social networking, physically steal a victim’s credit cards, skim info on websites or even by making a simple phone call and asking the right questions of an unsuspecting person

Corporations are not exempt from identity theft either. It is possible for someone to hack into a company’s system and steal the personal information of employees to get what they are looking for, or to use the company’s information in order to obtain what they want. No matter how the thief gets the information, it can be difficult for consumers to get back what was stolen, and then protect themselves from it in the future. It can also be difficult to know how the person was able to get their information in the first place.

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Getting the information that you need in order to protect yourself is vital. However, once your identity is stolen it can affect your credit report with negative scores and ratings due to purchases made and debt run up by the thief.

We can step in and get your credit back to where it once was and show you how to freeze credit identity theft. It can be a battle to get your credit repaired and have agencies remove poor ratings regarding purchases that were made by someone else without your permission. We are able to work with creditors to get false information removed so that you have your good name and credit restored and preventing identity theft further.